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This article was printed in the Sept. 8, 1963 edition of the Seattle Times--nearly 50 years ago!

The late Drs. Jerry Flora and Gerald Kraft (my father) were a team of scientists with some simple, practical goals for the "Lake Whatcom Study Project": Determining the size and shape of the lake and establishing some baselines for future watershed scientists as to the contents and movement of the lake water.

It was an effort of hard science which would lead to practical planning based on trends revealed by pertinent and accurate data.

Today, the Department of Ecology is giving us another 50 years to fix the problems identified 50 years ago:


Thank you for your efforts, Jerry Flora and dad.

Tim Kraft

(see videos describing the 1962-1963 "Lake Whatcom Study Project" below.

The Lake Whatcom Model was on display in the Environmental Studies Building, Western Washington University



Intro - Summary

Clip 2 - Mayor John Westford describes the City of Bellingham involvement in the Lake Whatcom Project

Clip 4a - Dr. Flora describes Lake Whatcom features

Clip 4b - Dr. Flora describes Lake Whatcom features

Clip 7 - Dr. Kraft explains "thermocline"

Clip 9 - Dr. Kraft demonstrates lab techniques for detecting fecal coliform

Clip 11 - Dr. Kraft - radioactivity and comparisons to other bodies of fresh water

Clip 12 - Dr. Kraft - fecal coliform and comparisons to other bodies of fresh water

Clip 13 - Dr. Kraft - Final thoughts


Other scenes from the film (no audio)


Clip 1

Clip 3

Clip 5a

Clip 5b

Clip 6

Clip 8

Clip 10

Clip 14


The two photographs above are of the Yachats Commons Park, a wetland preserve in Yachats, Oregon,
conceived by my father, Gerald Kraft.

Photos by Tim Kraft on July 12, 2010